This article is from the May 2009 issue of Forever young.

scotlandcastleThe legendary Scottish Highlands route winds through castle country, a wealth of historic sites and stories

By Sandy Katz
Oh! Ye'll take the high road and I'll take the low road,
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye,
But me and my true love will never meet again,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond

This haunting lilt resonates with the spirit of a doomed Scot imprisoned after an army of 7,000 highlanders was defeated April 16, 1746, in the battle of Culloden Moor.

This northernmost state, with reminders of its famous Gold Rush past intertwined with breathtaking scenic vistas, never loses its allure, even after multiple visits

By Bob Richelson

Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, en route to the northernmost U.S. state marked our fourth sea trek to the land of ice and history.

We were aboard the all-suite Silver Shadow, one of five vessels run by Silversea Cruise line – seven-time winner of the “World’s Best” award in the small ship category from Travel and Leisure magazine – popular among repeat passengers for its oversized accommodations, private verandas, and European-style service.

We first touched land in Victoria, capital of British Columbia (population 75,000), an immaculate city with small-town charm. Flowers grow everywhere, including hanging from lampposts. Its Empress Hotel, famous for its elegant afternoon tea, recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

This article is from the November 2008 issue of Forever Young

It’s remarkable what a lifetime of service can contribute to the world - remarkable in the way one might comment on a beautiful flower given the room to bloom in a park, or stop to note a piece of art positioned for all to enjoy.


To take that unique character trait, that desire to serve, and turn it into a life’s pursuit is truly unique in this fast-paced world where the rewards for success are rarely shared with others.

Thankfully, for all those who want to stop and smell the roses or take in an exhibition or play, Kelowna is home to three gentlemen who exemplify this philanthropic spirit and helped the area’s first Rotary Club develop quite a repertoire of contributions.

Harold Henderson, 88, Art Hughes-Games, 87, and Ian Greenwood, 82, all joined the Rotary Club of Kelowna over 50 years ago. Now celebrating its 80th anniversary, the club has had a huge impact on its community, with credit due solidly to people like Henderson, Hughes-Games and Greenwood who’ve spent countless hours on everything from political lobbying to setting up chairs over the years, all in effort to make a difference.

This article is from the December 2008 issue of Forever Young

Here are a few recipes to spice up the dinner, brunch or buffet table.

Mary Sue Waisman’s Wild Rice Salad With Dried Fruits and Mint (from her new cookbook Flavour First - Delicious Food to Bring the Family Back to the Table) is a versatile salad great for brunch or the buffet table or even holiday sports events party.

Wild rice is not a rice at all, but rather a long-grain marsh grass native to the Great Lakes region of North America. It has a wonderful nutty flavour and chewy texture. It goes well in savoury foods such as stuffing and salads. Here, it’s accompanied by crunchy nuts, sweet raisins, tart cranberries and herbs.

This article is from the October 2008 issue of Forever Young.

In the fall, one Irish town becomes on enormous singles bar as partner seekers from around the world descend on it for the annual Matchmaking Festival

By Liz Campbell

Willie Daly is the official matchmaker for Lisdoonvarna. With the help of his assistant, Aisling Davies, and a prodigious file of profiles, he actually finds partners for his customers.
My dance partner's feet seem to be moving to the rhythm of a different drummer; he's certainly ignoring the beat of the music I'm hearing. My own feet are desperately trying to sort it all out. After an eternity, the music ends and he steers me off the floor. I'm thinking "Whew!" when I hear him comment, "You're a little heavy in the steering but you dance all right."

Indignant, I'm about to point out his own shortcomings when he greets two friends with the words: "This is Liz; she's from Canada. Didn't I tell you I would dance with a beautiful woman?" 

In an instant, I've forgiven this stranger. But it's blarney, of course. We are, after all, in Ireland. 

In point of fact, we're in the Rathbaun Hotel in Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, and we're here for the town's annual Matchmaking Festival. For the month of September and into October, this little town, once noted for the spa waters one can still drink at the Pump House, turns into the world's biggest singles bar. Every pub, every hotel, every restaurant is teeming with hopeful singles in search of a partner. There's a band or a DJ cranking out the music in half a dozen different locales and the dress ranges from casual jeans to ball gowns - really! 

For some, the dream is to meet a mate, others are more forthright: "We're just here for the craic!" Pronounced crack, this has nothing to do with illicit drugs. Craic means fun in Irish, though it can also mean a joke.