This article is from the December 2008 issue of Forever Young

Here are a few recipes to spice up the dinner, brunch or buffet table.

Mary Sue Waisman’s Wild Rice Salad With Dried Fruits and Mint (from her new cookbook Flavour First - Delicious Food to Bring the Family Back to the Table) is a versatile salad great for brunch or the buffet table or even holiday sports events party.

Wild rice is not a rice at all, but rather a long-grain marsh grass native to the Great Lakes region of North America. It has a wonderful nutty flavour and chewy texture. It goes well in savoury foods such as stuffing and salads. Here, it’s accompanied by crunchy nuts, sweet raisins, tart cranberries and herbs.

This article is from the October 2008 issue of Forever Young.

In the fall, one Irish town becomes on enormous singles bar as partner seekers from around the world descend on it for the annual Matchmaking Festival

By Liz Campbell

Willie Daly is the official matchmaker for Lisdoonvarna. With the help of his assistant, Aisling Davies, and a prodigious file of profiles, he actually finds partners for his customers.
My dance partner's feet seem to be moving to the rhythm of a different drummer; he's certainly ignoring the beat of the music I'm hearing. My own feet are desperately trying to sort it all out. After an eternity, the music ends and he steers me off the floor. I'm thinking "Whew!" when I hear him comment, "You're a little heavy in the steering but you dance all right."

Indignant, I'm about to point out his own shortcomings when he greets two friends with the words: "This is Liz; she's from Canada. Didn't I tell you I would dance with a beautiful woman?" 

In an instant, I've forgiven this stranger. But it's blarney, of course. We are, after all, in Ireland. 

In point of fact, we're in the Rathbaun Hotel in Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, and we're here for the town's annual Matchmaking Festival. For the month of September and into October, this little town, once noted for the spa waters one can still drink at the Pump House, turns into the world's biggest singles bar. Every pub, every hotel, every restaurant is teeming with hopeful singles in search of a partner. There's a band or a DJ cranking out the music in half a dozen different locales and the dress ranges from casual jeans to ball gowns - really! 

For some, the dream is to meet a mate, others are more forthright: "We're just here for the craic!" Pronounced crack, this has nothing to do with illicit drugs. Craic means fun in Irish, though it can also mean a joke.

This article is from the October 2008 issue of Forever Young.

Adding variety to menu plans can add spice to life


By Ruth Sharon

Those looking for a healthy change of pace in the menu department, and weight loss as well, might take a hard look at what they are eating and get out of the rut of serving the same 10 to 12 dishes, over and over again.

Losing weight can be as easy as changing cooking habits. Preparing one food per week that you've never cooked before may result in a repertoire of meals that will help achieve the goal of weight-control and top-notch nutritional balance.

These healthy recipes are from Ruth Sharon's new Good Home Cooking 7.

This article is from the February 2009 issue of Forever Young.

Karen Henderson is an advocate for caregivers and the elderly who has established

"Caregivers can find yourself going for extended periods without a break, often driving themselves to exhaustion"

New Monthly Forever Young Feature

Canada’s million-plus informal caregivers often face tremendous personal strains as they attempt to cope with new challenges. FOREVER YOUNG is committed to making their lives easier by introducing a new, regular beat offering valuable information and education

By Diane Black

With our aging population, there is one thing that’s certain. Being a caregiver is redefining how we live.

It’s estimated that the caregiving crunch impacts over 1.7-million Canadians between the ages of 45 to 65. Often is it the oldest daughter taking care of a parent but it can also be a spouse caring for a partner, or another relationship. Canada’s caregivers provide what can be described as substantive, informal care to over 2.3-million seniors.

For Peterborough, Ont. native Karen Thompson, her caregiving journey began at age 35 while working in New York – thousands of kilometres away from a dad who depended on her most. He had a rare form of Alzheimer’s.

“I was completely unprepared to parent a parent. Before I knew it, I became the go-to person by default,” explains Thompson. As her father’s disease robbed him of his ability to communicate, Thompson’s mom became unable to cope. She too looked to her daughter for much-needed support.

motorhome-cartoon peopleThis article is from the March 2009 issue of Forever Young.

Uncover the secrets of the RV life
So you just bought an RV or perhaps are just now finding the time to make the most of your RV or you may be thinking that the RV Life might be for you.

by Al Cohoe

Whether you are looking for wild adventure, a relaxing vacation or a well-organized itinerant journey there are resources available to assist in the enjoyment of your RV experience.

Okanagan College and the Recreation Vehicle Dealers’ Association of BC (RVDA) offer an annual weekend seminar that can prove to be a goldmine for the curious RV enthusiast. The 2009 RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar, held annually at the Kelowna campus of Okanagan College, will take place from June 19 – 22 and will provide a lineup of interesting and practical workshops that cover everything RV from A-Z.